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10 Easy Ways To Lose Weight In 2 Weeks According To Experts

6. Stay away from blue light

It is important to know that for a restful sleep, it is essential to get away from the blue light of your screens. By disrupting your night’s rest, it gives rise to a feeling of hunger which adds to the fatigue of the next day.

7. Stop counting your calories

According to nutritionist Dr. Lily Nichols, counting calories is a mistake that derails us from the ultimate goal, namely weight loss. By focusing all our energy on calculations and not enough on our plates, we tend to favor bad foods such as chocolate and forget about meals that appear to have more calories but are also healthier and easier to digest.

8. Avoid sleeping during the day

The more you sleep during the day, the more you disrupt your nighttime sleep and therefore take the risk of increasing your chances of being overweight. As Dr Olivier Coste explains to Madame Figaro, a good night’s sleep promotes the consumption of healthy foods, while sugar and fat are more attractive in case of fatigue.