10 best Anime Shojo to watch on every screen

When anime people think of shojo, they think of a slice-of-life, romance, or drama. One of the best shojo groups as well Fruit Basket loved for their history and for developing their character. Shonen may get the most attention because of her performance and looks, but shojo is the best at making stories that people will love.

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That said, not every shojo group has the idea they need. Although similar series Fruit Basket,Ouran High School Hospitality Associationa Nana considered the best shojo given, many other good stories will always be under the radar.

10 Kimi ni Todoke Is A Wonderful Love

Kimi is Todoke A love story of a lifetime about a wicked girl named Sawako, who is often compared to Sadako from the ring because of her long dark hair. Despite her nickname being mean and cruel, Sawako is a shy and shy girl who desperately wants to get acquainted.

The challenges of his daily life and his growing relationship with Shouta are what make this lizard so good. Those who have not seen him are not lost.

9 Vampire Princess Miyu Is A Special Mind

Vampire Princess Miyu A gothic horror story about a girl named Miyu who ends up capturing demons named Shinma. Miyu is able to protect the human world from Shinma herself. but he is a half-vampire Shinma, which puts him in great trouble with human spiritualists.

This classic series is a bit darker than most shojo anime, but the show’s unique storyline and use of terrifying tropes make this anime worth the watch.

8 Escaflowne: A Girl in Gaea A Mecha & A Isekai

Escaflowne A different story is about a girl named Hitomi who is taken to another world after she calls Lord Folken. While in the land of Gaea, she was known as a winged goddess who could wield the power of the legendary dragon warrior.

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Not only is this shojo an ice cream cone, but an anime mecha with a lot of fun elements and an interesting story. The film is based on an original story from the ’90s, but it’s a great job to change the original story, and it’s much better to develop the graphics.

7 A Story Nurses are about the family

School nurses A short story about Ryuuichi and his brother, Kotaru, who became orphans after their parents died in a plane crash. The brothers are moving in with Ryuuichi’s school principal, and upon purchase, Ryuuichi will have to join the school’s nursing team.

While this series is not afraid of serious issues, for the most part, it is a light -hearted series with a beautiful cast.

6 The Rebellious Daughter of Utena is an Old Story that lasts forever

For anime shojo lovers, Daughter of Kipi Utena it’s a popular anime, but to the rest of the anime community, there’s not much to follow. The story takes place years after the princess was given the ring by a chief after her parents had died.

This story inspires the protagonist, Utena, who dreams of becoming a king one day. This series can be seen as episodic in nature, but with the growth of the amazing genre, the series is much bigger than that.

5 Kase-san and the beauty of the morning is an amazing Yuri song

Kase-san and good honors an LGBT+ slice-of-life OVA about two girls who start dating in high school. Yamada was a sweet girl who loved plants and Kase was a famous girl who was a top athlete in the school choir. Their relationship is presented in a very bright and beautiful light.

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It’s also a good example of a high school relationship as it shows everyone who comes in with love for the first time. Not to mention, it has some amazing animation to take the story to the next level.

4 She and her roles are Comedy and Romance

This love story follows a girl named Miyazawa who is a classmate and the most famous girl in school. Outwardly, Miyazawa was a fool, and considered himself a very good man because he was praised for his intelligence, beauty, and social skills.

However, there was one man who was better than him, and that was the other messenger of his class, Arima. This moʻo may be funny, but it takes a lot of work to develop the images. Most importantly, it’s a great love story for shojo fans to enjoy.

3 Community stories and wonders are unique

Most shojo fans are familiar with the lizard Nanabut they may not have heard of the other stories Yazawa mentioned Community Stories. This series follows Mikako who dreams of becoming a costume designer. This series may be funny, but like Yazawa’s other works, it also deals with deep and parental principles.

The photos really feel and see how it grows during the show. Needless to say, the filmmaking style is different and not like the other shojo anime.

2 Kaze No Shojo Emily A story inspired by nature

Kaze no Shojo Emily a series about the book Newa moona and Lucy Maud Montgomery. The story is about an orphan named Emily who went to Prince Edward Island to live with her family after her father died. Although her life with her father was not easy and simple, she knew her new life would be different and more difficult with her family.

The story is not very interesting, but the connection and the development of the style is what makes this story so good. Needless to say, he has a simple idea that anime fans will love.

1 Rainbow days are a love song

While most love anime follows the romantic life of one man, this story follows the romantic relationship of four high school boys. The four boys are different in personalities, from romantic dreams to serial flirts.

Even though there was love all around, everything was well developed and the relationships that were growing were beautiful and beautiful. The series also introduces a lot of fun, which makes the anime even better.

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