10 Best Anime Murderer Women

Anime is full of different heroes, but nothing is as exciting as the assassins. They don’t look like some of the anime’s best fighters, but their sneakiness and ease really add a punch. The assassins, that is, create the archetype femme fatale love to completely eliminate the tired girl in the trope problem.

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Some of the best assassins may or may not be innocent at first, but those who do not dare to admire them are on a bad path. If they used swords, guns, and magical powers, these murderers should not be humiliated.

Beware of Spoiler! This article is on the irons for the Jujutsu Kaisen manga.

10 Chianti Is A Clever Sniper (Detective Conan)

Chianti works for the Black League, a criminal organization whose causes are hidden in the storm. He was the best sniper on the team level. He can instantly kill any target without leaving a trace with the precision and ingenuity of his scopes. He loved his job as a sniper and was not bad.

Any goal on Chianti’s 600-yard field is punishable by death. He was an important asset to the company. It’s not the same thing. Most of the time, he takes orders from Gin but works with Korn.

9 Nico Robin’s Death as a Murderer Often Forgotten (One Piece)

Nico Robin is also a shame One piece More and more things are not used. After he joined Straw Hats, nothing else was revealed about his character. However, it should be noted that he is sometimes a murderer.

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None of his damage or strength is increased, but it should be noted that with Hana Hana no Mi, he can control any body part at a distance. If he wanted to strike someone’s spine, he could put his hand on that person’s back. Nico killed many people, so it is hoped that the story will continue to explain his guilt.

8 Yugao Uzuki leads the Anbu (Naruto) team

Yugao was recruited to join Anbu Black Ops because of his kenjustu and various heart skills. He was a skilled kunoichi and became the leader of the Anbu Squad.

Yugao trained under Hayate and became proficient with kenjutsu as he competed against him. He has enough solid technologies to defeat opponents, such as his Hazy Moon Knight. All his moves use his agility. Although he gave up his sword after Hayate’s death, Yugao picked it up again during World War Four Shinobi as he fought his reincarnation.

7 Maki Zenin takes her whole family (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Maki always despises the Zenin family for pushing her away and treating her like a black sheep only because she can’t change the destructive energy. Although he did not return home with the intention of killing his entire family, things went awry because of his father.

Maki was known for his skill with weapons and weapons, and he used his knowledge when he attacked his family. He cut every member of his family. The strongest fighters could not resist him, even though his body was much better with Heavenly Restriction.

6 Mireille is a professional killer (Bouqet Noir)

Mireille didn’t think twice before hitting her target. Murder was the main focus of his career, so he did not have to think or think twice about his actions.

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It may not be the most straightforward line of work, but it pays the bills. He is not in the process of getting the job done and he will throw his loved ones under the car if that is the kind of step closer to success. While many people think of CEOs or other professionals when they hear the term “business,” the way Mireille does her job fits that. separation.

5 Shinobu Kocho is drunk with many demons (Demon Slayer)

All members of the Demon Slayer Corps use some form of nichirin sword, whether a sword or a group of large slashes. Shinobu, the Hashira Insect, uses a common nichirin sword, but it is very different from the rest of the lizard. He was unique in that when he stabbed his opponents, he injected them with poison to kill them slowly.

He’s one of the Corps ‘best swordsmen, and his skills have allowed him to rise up against some of the series’ most powerful demons, such as Doma or the Spider Sister.

4 Kyoka Izumi’s Demon Snow made him a clever killer (Bungo Stray Dogs)

Before leaving the Armed Detective Agency, Kyoka was used by the Port Mafia as a murderer. His ability, Demon Snow, is a female spirit who uses a sword. His only motive was murder, and he could take orders from Kyoka only via mobile phone. Only now did he learn how to properly control the soul.

Not only does Demon Snow make him a skilled assassin, but he has the physical skills to support him. He is very agile and can fight in mid -air, thanks to his shaky acrobatic skills.

3 Irina Jelavic may not be like that, but she is the cold -blooded killer (school murder)

Irina is hired to join the group to kill Koro-sensei. Although different in appearance, this woman was a cold blood killer. He would tempt them with his goal to trap them and kill them when they least expect it.

Unfortunately, she faces ridicule from her students in Grade 3-E because of her flying style and childhood. Some of them praised him with some bad nicknames. Despite the constant debate, Irina cared about her students, and they agreed.

2 Akame opposes other killers in his story (Akame Ga Kill!)

Akame is the pinnacle of anime killer women. He was free from his murderous associates, even in his own story. He was very agile and skilled with a sword.

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Akame’s demonic sword, called the “One-Cut Killer,” was a death sentence for every poor soul who joined him. He would kill without saying a word. When he goes after one of his goals, he is not in it. Before being insulted, Akame shouted at his enemies to “send” and do the extermination.

1 Yor Forger’s “Thorn Princess” (Spy X Family)

Yor Forger joins the makeshift family of Loid and Anya to protect himself from being considered a spy. He did not know that Loid was a spy. He worked as a part -time secretary at the Berlint City Museum, but his real call to life was murder.

When she takes on a new role, she goes by the name of “Thorn Princess” and doesn’t love anyone in her path – even though they aren’t her goal. Sometimes, her murderers come into her life on a daily basis – especially in the case of Anya. If he got in trouble, Yor would do much to prevent him.

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