10 Best Anime Like Netflix’s Squid Game

South Korea’s live game Play Hee He became an instant hit with his September 2021 release on Netflix. His powerful testimony of the truths of poverty and exploitation by the rich had a powerful effect.

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Burdened by an unsustainable debt, protagonist Seong Gi-hun is invited to compete with hundreds of other poor people in the style of games. Losing means immediate death, but to win will give them the money they need to fix their lives. The show’s royal battlefield and its themes of class combat are shared by some popular anime.


Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji

Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji is a funny and happy looking anime

In one of the best live performances, Kaiji Itou was buried in debt. He is given the opportunity to change his luck aboard the cruise ship Espoir, where he gambles for his life in games such as Rock, Paper, Scissors with other men (in Real and imagined) on the same ship. Not immediately, he took the company to the host who organized these events.

Gi-hun’s debt problem is exacerbated by his attempts to get a quick gamble on horse racing, to backtrack and leave him feeling better than ever. Similarly, Kaiji’s involvement in gambling puts him in the same predicament as the solution: in the episode “The Future Is In Our Hands …”, Kaiji reveals that he was very close. he lost the money he won in the pachinko game … pachinko game.


Kakegurui's leadership team

As Ryouta Suzui explains in the episode “A Woman Named Yumeko Jabami,” Hyakkaou Private Academy students are not judged by professionalism or talent, but by their excellence in sports. play. Even for the children of the rich, it is the best training ground for them to not only learn how to save money but not to use other resources. Each student who fell into debt was called a “housewife,” because of the love of the other students.

Gi-hun and the other players sold their bodies, their bodies would be collected if they could not pay their debts. If the “housekeeper” could not repay his debt, they would lose their lives and be run by the student council, until they got married and had children under their guidance.


A young girl gives a sideways face to a young man standing behind her in Btooom!

Although unreliable and difficult, it is clear from the beginning that Gi-hun is a kind person who tries to do his best for those he loves, including his mother. Ryouta Sakamoto, however, doesn’t like multiplayer online gaming Btooom!, about fighting with bullets and collecting pieces. He’s the top player in Japan with an ego to compete with, when “START” cries out to his mother for wanting him to get a job.

When Ryouta is stolen and placed on a mysterious island with the other players, he has to put his money in his mouth if he wants to survive. The team behind the game, Tyrannos Japan, created a real live game of Btooom! where the bullets survive and collecting as many pieces as possible is the only way to escape.

Play Battle in 5 Seconds

Two little kids in a war game in 5 seconds anime

Even the players of Play Hee familiar with their games, by playing them as a child, Akira Shiroyanagi acquired the game as far as science. Pleased with the real world and willing to invest in the game, Akira is thrilled to find himself stolen and forced to play a live game for the pleasure of his mysterious host, Mion. .

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He was like Cho Sang-woo, Gi-hun’s old friend, in his intelligence and thinking about the game and his pride in other players. Although he doesn’t go back and give back to his friends like Sang-woo did, he thinks of himself over them and makes them happy.

Make Makana

In Make Makana, The walls are higher than the usual death game, as is the case with some of the best black anime. Although the players die, it is not their lives that are at stake, but the fate of their souls. Based on their actions, Decim the Arbiter will decide whether to allow them to return to new life or to drive their souls into nothingness forever.

Sports will be selected such as darts, ten-pin bowling, and air hockey. Different groups of people who died at the same time were brought in to play. The episode “Death Seven Darts” shows a married man who dies in a car accident, and his actions are revealed to life to determine their final fate.

Upcoming Diary

Yukiteru Amano and Yuno Gasai about Future Diary

Talking about games higher than usual, players of Upcoming DiaryLife was taken by God himself to compete, even though he was dying and had to find a replacement. Equipped with personal Diaries (phones that predict the future), there are twelve candidates to fight and die, and the last one stands to become a new God.

Like Front Man and the other guards, Deus ex Machina (as God is seen here) is very demanding for all players to shoot correctly and not refuse to interfere in the game, doing his most interesting kind of work. Upcoming Diary. His assistant Mur Mur isn’t worried about wanting some players to enjoy the game, hiding his true guilt behind a happy and timeless scene, according to Play HeeThe real host Oh Il-nam created a deceiver to befriend Gi-hun.

Kengan Ashura

A boxer throwing a punch in the anime Kengan Ashura

Battle Royales isn’t just a live game. Gladiator games have been a bloody sport that has been around for centuries, and in the world of Kengan Ashura, Which is the way in which collective agreements are executed and disputes are resolved. Each Superintendent selects an opponent to replace them and allows them to release each other in a bad way. Kengan play.

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Ohma Tokita, a powerful warrior who lives only to fight, joins the Nogi Group. On their behalf, he participated in the Kengan Club’s Life-or-Death Tournament, where the CEO after the winner selects the team’s executive director. Tokita and other wrestlers fought on the field for the benefit of their professional staff.

Danganronpa: The Animation

The big Danganronpa out there, look worried

In this animated version of the first game on Danganronpa moʻo, Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, Makoto Naegi arrived for his first day at Hope’s Peak Academy happy, but he found himself trapped with fourteen other students and said if any of them wanted to escape, they had to. kill a student and escape.

The head of the school has a lot in common with the army of Play Heesports life. Monokuma and Oh Il-nam started their game because they knew what it meant to push people to their physical and mental limitations to have good fun. They both enter the games directly, Monokuma to annoy the students again and Il-nam to enjoy the participation.

Watchtower of God

tower of god 2020 poster

Based on the website by Lee Jong Hui, Watchtower of God showing the struggles of many candidates who were able to enter the top tower and climb to the top, seeking the power, wealth, and prestige to reach the top. Another candidate, a boy named Bam, was an uninvited Irregular. His only reason for not being afraid of the tower was to be reunited with his only friend Rachel, one of the great anime films ever finished by one character.

Like Play HeePlayers, all competitors face the death trials of the Tower in the election. But many are troubled by the critical conditions in which they believe the rise will be regulated, such as Khun, who is separated from his family, and Anakak, who wants to punish his victims. parents killed.

Darwin’s play

When high school student Kaname Sudou received an invitation from a friend to join a new phone app called Darwin’s play, He has no intention of agreeing. But he soon realizes that it’s more than just a game: the enemies are looking for him in real life, his friend is already dead, and he needs to learn quickly to avoid killing him. down.

Winning battles and events earns players points, which can be converted into money, which greatly benefits professional players. In the “Gemstone Mine” section, Kaname bought the ten points he won in his first battle for one million yen (about $ 8,700). According to Play Heeif the players don’t have the guts to kill, the lure of a lot of money will convince them to keep going.

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