10 Anime with better characters than Jujutsu Kaisen

O Jujutsu Kaisen Is one of the biggest titles in shonen anime right now and is part of a new “big three” on the page. My Hero Academia a Demon killer. This anime features some amazing animation, a slick fantasy fighting system about villains, and great protagonists like Yuji Itadori and the tough Nobara Kugisaki.

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Right away, O Jujutsu Kaisen He has some bad things but they don’t know them. At the moment, these villains are a real challenge to Yuji and the other heroes, but their plot has fallen short of the legendary villain designs from other anime stories, which have now passed.

The bad guys of My Hero Academia Not just one X-Men negatives – they are critical remarks about the dangers of modern living and some of its most difficult conditions or extreme habits. Most of these atrocities are the product of a strong group that is closely related to heroic beliefs, and some people fall into the cracks.

This does not mean that bad people are innocent for their actions – far from it. However, good villains like Himiko Toga, Tomura Shigaraki, Spinner, and Dabi may be different if the community is more accepting of them and their Quirks.

9 Naruto’s villains infiltrate both the heart and the world

The series hit shonen Naruto It features memorable villains such as businessman Gato and terrorist Zaku Abumi, but also reveals some of shonen’s most memorable and joyful memories of all time, including members of the Akatsuki meets and for a time, Gaara of the Sand.

Gaara was hurt by being alone as a jinchuriki, but she saw the light when Naruto approached her as a friend. Then, Strong Pain introduces the eternal principles of the cycle of hatred and violence, and shows that it is easy to find world peace.

8 The evils of One Piece are Thought & Thought

Lots of bad stuff in there One piece Very different in their dress, their abilities, their goals, etc., and some act in groups and others act cruelly or in isolation. Captain Blackbeard, for example, runs all the time and turns out to be one of Luffy’s biggest villains. He stole Whitebreard’s power in some way.

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But thatʻs not all. One piece Sir Crocodile was the one who searched for images for ancient weapons in Alabasta. Then, Luffy took the terrifying Doflamingo on the Dressrosa side and won him a little bit of a fight of the years. But Doflamingo isn’t the last boss – he’s an interesting character in his own right.

7 The villains of Bleach have Off-Beat performances

The disadvantages of Bleak They can be combined into groups, units, or types, from single Hollows to ten powerful Espadas and a Sternritter, or an elite Quincy. Some of them are the same opponents and others are completely forgotten, like the nihilistic Ulquiorra Schiffer, who later learned to understand the “heart.”

Bleak also showing the proud fallen king Barragan, who tried to control all that had been done, and most importantly, Sosuke Aizen who sought to claim the heavenly throne for himself. Other villains such as Coyote Starrk, Grimmjow, and Giselle Gewelle captured the attention of fans.

6 The villains of Demon Slayer are kind of friendly

Now, the anime shonen hit Demon killer He was known for his many loving and kind -hearted evils, even though they were like evil beasts on the outside, such as the great hand demon. These demons should not be taken care of because they have sad stories, however, Tanjiro often loved them or cried for them.

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It takes some real developmental talent to make viewers cry for a killer monster, but in a way, Demon killer do it, and more than once. A proud princess like Daki and her twisted brother Gyutaro were heartbroken when their tragic story was revealed shortly before their deaths.

5 The villains of Hunter X Hunter have the most advanced features

The famous shonen series Kahuna x Hunter He is known for his regular breaks, but if the story isn’t over, fans will see more than a few bad things along the way. Another famous example is the rogue Hisoka Morrow, who wants to fight Gon at his best as a Nen user.

Then there’s the Phantom Troupe, one of the most powerful villain teams ever organized in all of anime. Its members range from Bonolenov, a man whose body resembles a living bamboo, to Shizuka, whose Nen technology is based on a cleaner.

Most of Fullmetal Alchemist: BrotherWicked people are homunculi, sorcerers born from the power of the Philosopher’s Stone. It all started when the “dwarf in the flask” tricked Hohenheim and the Xerxian king into performing a massive alchemy act to give him great power. He now sheds his seven sins as a “child,” from Pride to Anger.

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Not only do these good homunculi have entertaining powers, but they love sometimes, and they all die in some form of symbolism. Pride died of being humiliated by Ed, for example, while Sloth died from exertion and Gluttony was eaten by Pride.

3 Don’t forget the adventures of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Although most of the JoJo’s Bizarre AdventureThe villains are “monsters of the week”, they are not without access to other powers and beautiful designs. Prosciutto, for example, can increase the number of people around him, or Daniel J. D’Arby, who can steal the souls of whoever loses to him in games. of time.

And, of course, It’s JoJo The main villains of the story, from the proud blond vampire DIO to the notorious assassin Yoshikage Kira and, of course, the powerful Pillar Men. Their physical appearance and theme music will always be remembered by anime fans.

2 Attacking the villains of Titan is human

In a world of evil and confusion Attack Titan, It is not always clear who is the friend and who is the enemy, and the limit is for the thief to move around. But that’s what makes the story more interesting than confusing, and for a short or long time, these villains are interesting to watch.

Images such as Reiner Braun, his younger brother Gabi, baseball -loving Zeke Yeager, and others served as antagonists, but they weren’t the only ones. They are real people, living with their own ideas and goals, not all of them will be bad people forever.

1 The villains of Tokyo Revengers are real and happy

Time-travel delinquent shonen series Tokyo Revengers the villains seem to be real people – no Quirks, no Nen, no Titan to change. But it is more joyful and reassuring, no less, since people like this are really alive. Punks, criminals, and gangsters are real.

These villains, like Kisaki Tetta, have captured the imagination of anime fans with their ingenuity, their evil nature, and most of all, how they look like antagonistic people. Sometimes, the amount is less, a Tokyo Revengers proving with his wrongdoings.

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