10 Anime where to pay for evil

In the world of Japanese animation, pay is always on the side of quality. Anime, like fiction, is meant to inspire viewers and encourage them to be the best they can be. Wicked people are often punished for their crimes and soldiers are paid for believing in hope, justice, and the power of the relationship – but not always.

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In some anime universes, the bad guys actually stand to gain by embracing evil. Even if these words are lost in the end, the offense is much better. If the bad guys don’t run into the protagonists, they can enjoy a lifetime of earning money, having fun, and proving themselves with their sinful lives.

10 Kakegurui is looking for a bad setting at school

By Kakegurui Thoughtful heroine Yumeko Jabami often ends up punishing fraudsters and swindlers at Hyakkou’s casino school, but she only does it in order to have a fair game, not to avoid justice. and justice. At this school, non -gamblers are encouraged to embrace Yumeko’s evil ways.

Hyakkou students often use deception and intimidation in order to defeat their enemies and waste the time available in most gambling modes. In fact, this school presents a vicious hierarchy that pays the winners and punishes the losers, so going wrong is the best way to go.

9 Gangs are the rule at Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers

Sometimes, punks get involved Tokyo Revengers’ The youth groups paid the price for their misconduct, but most did not. In fact, many of these mischievous young people have joined groups like Toman or Valhalla because they didn’t see a better option in their hard lives. Gangs can, despite the challenges, give a member a sense of style.

For a typical punk inside Tokyo Revengers, Joining a young team can be a great experience – the better the team wins a competition, the better. It also helps to have smart and tough leaders like Mikey and Draken to lead the way.

8 Powerful demons live like kings in Demon Slayer

daki huna kanaka

There are some disadvantages to becoming a demon in the world of Demon killer, but there are more powerful demons like the Twelve Demon Moons to gain than to lose by becoming a demon at the hands of Muzan Kibutsuji. This has been true for the past six months.

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Demons like the proud and arrogant Daki and the evil Akaza take great pleasure in their evil nature, being more powerful than their demon -killing enemies and gaining confirmation from Muzan himself. They can treat a person like an animal.

7 The wicked rule the seas in a black tone

black lake lagoon

Black River a seinen anime where the villain doesn’t pay in the way of the protagonists, but if not, going to the wrong is a good call to this grim series. Black River It is located in Southeast Asia and the high seas, where hunters, assassins, mercenaries, and assassins are found everywhere.

There are evils in this way of life, but for skilled and armed criminals, it is better to sin and embrace a life of crime and violence. Good luck Black River Photographers can buy flawless weapons, confiscate drugs, allow assassinations or bodyguard missionaries, and much more – and earn significant money for their work. encouragement.

6 The villains increase the Nen in Hunter X Hunter

HXH phantom group

As an anime series shonen proudly, Kahuna x Hunter some also show many images that stand for victory by going to evil rather than good, such as the ant elite warriors serving King Meruem. Then there’s the Phantom Troupe.

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Hunter x Hunter’s Criminals can do great things by stealing all kinds of property or agreeing to commit murder and there are always demands for their services. It was also helpful to note that the members of the Phantom Troupe looked at each other, most of whom were Chrollo Lucifer.

5 In Vinland Saga, it’s better to attack than to be attacked

Askeladd mocks power in Vinland Saga

The Vinland Saga It is a popular anime set in Europe, when the Danish Vikings ruled most of England under Danelaw. This was a time of trouble and unrest, where the Vikings would invade and plunder coastal towns or go inland in search of new plunder.

No one could stand these Vikings except the other Vikings and they could all be considered bad people, given their cruel nature. On the other hand, the most victorious Viking commander, Askeladd, secretly hated all the Vikings, because these invaders could invade and destroy the kingdoms of his beloved Wales.

4 Noir Chefs has success in food wars!

noir chefs in food wars

In Fight Food!, Cooking is a serious career and graduates of the prestigious Totsuki School can get a job as a chef in top restaurants around the world. But while most Totsuki alums know how to actually work in restaurants and cafes, Noir chefs like to cook for offenders.

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These evil rogue chefs are using techniques to intimidate any average chef and they are happy to serve the best dishes to the unwanted customers, even if the money is better. There is always money to be made for a skilled Noir chef.

3 Tokyo Ghoul features strong Ghoul teams

augiri tree branch

In Tokyo Ghoul, This may not be good for normal ghouls, as lone ghouls can be hunted down and killed by elite CCG researchers such as Kisho Arima, Kotaro Amon, and Kureo Mado. However, a clever and powerful ghoul can team up with an all-ghoul team for protection and this can really pay off.

Strong and evil ghouls form teams for mutual defense and the Aogiri Tree is the largest and most famous ghoul group of theirs. Each member of this deadly group can reap the benefits, be more protected from CCG researchers and the idea of ​​belonging, and not tell a hill like a fortress to live in. up to.

2 Black Guilds are needed in Fairy Tail

Grimoire Heart Fairy Tail

For the most part, it doesn’t pay off badly in a happy and hopeful anime Female tail, but sometimes. In Fairy Tail world, the villains form their own guild, can make money if they have a skilled guild teacher in the leadership.

Black guilds like Grimoire Heart and Oracion Seis would be very popular if they didn’t go to the protagonists. Members can benefit from mutual protection, a sense of belonging, and higher financial fees for agreeing to bad deals that are not accepted by the Fairy Tail company.

1 Lupine III reveals a master thief at work

lupine III car

Lupine III It’s a classic anime story that plays the beloved antihero Lupine III, a master thief who enjoys traveling Europe and stealing treasures for as long as he can. Lupine is not very bad, but he is a very bad man in the eyes of the public and Detective Zenigata decides to arrest the criminal at one point.

However, Lupine has a talent for escaping trouble every now and then and Zenigata can’t catch him, even though he does. Joining the Lupine team is always on the wrong side of the law, but at the very least it is a joyous experience of freedom and travel.

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