10 Anime villains are better than Lord Voldemort

Harry PotterLord Voldemort’s biggest villain is one of the most well-known pop-culture villains of all time, along with the bloody Jason Voorhees, Darth Vader, and more. Voldemort is a villain who looks at all the villains ’boxes – he’s power -hungry, arrogant, manipulative, cruel, fear -inspiring, and unforgiving. He never stopped conquering the wizarding world and re -creating his black image.

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Some people might wonder if Voldemort is kind of overrated. He was strong and disgusting, but he was a bit of a bad character and had very little free will or good communication to offer. Other villains can hit him in his own game, including Japanese anime villains who are more interested in the latest stories, plots, projects, or other ideas. give. Voldemort feels good comparing them.

10 Beautiful and thoughtful Griffith (Berserk)

Physically, the notorious villain Griffith is better than Lord Voldemort as a serpent, but that’s just the beginning. Griffith is interesting because he is half -hearted in establishing his own government, but he is also a traitor who exploits, deceives, and discredits those who need to move forward. .

Griffith really considers friends like Casca and Guts to be mercenaries, but that doesn’t stop him from betraying them to join the hand of God like Femto, a very powerful man. Griffith has human flaws and quirks, which are more nuanced than Lord Voldemort.

9 All for one is the symbol of Villainy (My Hero Academia)

In some ways, the most powerful All For One is Voldemort’s My Hero Academia, a fearful man in black clothes who hopes to be immortal and rule the world forever. But his fighting style and science are better than what Voldemort has to offer.

All For One is a single army, which has gathered hundreds of Quirks and combined them in the right ways to compete against the likes of All Might. He was influenced by ideas about society, justice, right and wrong, and the human condition. Voldemort would have died if he had heard the words of All For One.

The lizard’s main villain, the deceitful Father, is like Voldemort, a great thinker who hopes to become immortal and rule the world. But, interestingly, he was one of Father’s minions lost FMA: BrotherhoodThe best villain was Wrath.

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Wrath was a dead homunculus and a beloved leader of the Amestris people. He is a good cold sniper who lives up to his name in unexpected ways, and is more terrifying than hot berserkers. He was a good performer and could switch slowly between his two men. In war, that is, anger is evident.

7 Eren Yeager tackles the line and challenges of Shonen Conventions (Attack On Titan)

One of the best bad guys is that they aren’t 100% traditional, like the famous Eren Yeager. Some thought he was a bad man, and others thought he was a hero who lost his way and went too far. It’s tough, and that’s what makes Eren harder and harder than a villain who was born evil, like Voldemort.

Eren is a famous warrior who fights to protect humanity from the Titans, but later, everything changes. The Titans are allied Eldians of Eren, who have been wounded by Marley’s evil kingdom, and Eren will use those Titans against his real enemies on the other side of the sea. But he had to sacrifice his humanity, and his friends now saw that he was the greatest of all.

6 Pain Asks Tough Questions (Naruto)

The Six Paths of Pain is a hero-turn-villain. In recent years, the toad sage Jiraiya has taught three orphaned friends named Yahiko, Nagato and Konan, but later they grow into sin after discovering some trouble. It was named Pain because of the painful cycle of anger and violence that continues unabated.

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Pain took over the Hidden Leaf Village and almost won, while asking difficult and difficult questions about how to end the world’s pain and end the conflict and misery. Naruto Uzumaki defeated Pain, and then Nagato tried to believe in him and fight for real world peace now. Nagato agreed.

5 Sosuke Aizen designed it all (Bleach)

In space keys, bleachThe worst is that Sosuke Aizen seems to be just Lord Voldemort, a planner who wants to rule the world and gain full power. But Aizen is a legendary anime villain who has better dialogue, visuals, and powers than his predecessor. Harry Potter the same thing.

Unlike Voldemort, Aizen has deceptive powers with his kido-type shikai, able to deceive anyone, including onlookers. It’s scary but fun to watch, and Aizen surprised everyone with his immediate surrender to the Soul Society arc, something Voldemort didn’t do. Aizen’s low -key speech is more forgettable than what Voldemort said.

4 Askeladd is the mentor and enemy of Thorfinn (Vinland Saga)

Like Eren Yeager, the antagonist Askeladd is neither good nor bad, he is better than a villain like Lord Voldemort. Askeladd was the one who killed Thorfinn’s loving father, Thors, in an unjust war, and who invaded and plundered England in the 11th century. But he was more than that. that.

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In secret, Askeladd was half Welsh, and he hated the Vikings as a threat to all Celtic peoples. Askeladd plans to exterminate all the Vikings, and he also teaches Thorfinn a good article about war, fate, and the world. After all, he was a wise father to the bitter Thorfinn.

3 Light Yagami Becomes a False God (Death Note)

Like Eren Yeager, Light Yagami may well be the protagonist of a shonen story, but he’s not a traditional hero. He quickly descended into evil, intending to become the “god” of a new world where he could bring justice to the unrighteous, but in doing so, he became He was the greatest murderer in history.

Light Yagami delights, terrifies, and intrigues anime fans with his ingenious actions and changing worldview and character, but while he’s the best, Light is even stronger. It was awful to watch his new world order in such a way that only his hubris would catch up with him.

2 Amon (The Legend of Korra)

Amon used more of his threat to intimidate the people of the Republican city and Korra pā. This clever villain is skilled in conspiracy theories, using the media, populist support, secret weapons, and deception to sit alone in the forefront and spread his anti-bender program.

Not only was Ammon a formidable enemy that could destroy the ascent, but he was approved. In this world, the benders are the elite of the community, and it’s certainly not annoying to them, even though Voldemort can’t say it’s a different piece. Even after Amon’s fall, the entire council passed, replaced by non-bender president Raiko. Obviously, Ammon had something to do with it.

1 Meruem finds his side (Hunter X Hunter)

The last ant chimera, Meruem, is like Voldemort himself. He was born a bad man and took the whole nation for his own actions. This was cruelty, heartless and unforgiving, and many of his subjects feared him. It was like most cannibals secretly fear their master, Voldemort.

Meruem, however, is cooler than Voldemort, from his chimera ant style to his great fighting style and his hidden good side. He fell in love with a girl named Komugi, who challenged him to play the gungi and thus aroused his interest. Voldemort, meanwhile, can’t be loved.

10 Shonen Anime is where lovers begin for evil

10 Shonen Anime is where lovers begin for evil

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