10 Anime Series with the best animation, hosted by MyAnimeList

Like the anime Violet Evergarden a Attack Titan continue to gain popularity due to their amazing design, animation, and styles. With their talent, good animation and fun graphics are seen as important in bringing an anime to the top.

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An anime with a beautiful collection is lost in the shuffle of good stories and characters. But others have become flagships of anime with a perfect combination of concept, character development, arcs, and animation. With inputs from both pieces, these anime series are fun to watch and enjoy looking smart and beautiful.

10 Aldnoah Zero – 7.41

Aldnoah Zero There were mixed opinions from the audience about the story, but no part of the animation was lost. The course is full of techniques that are woven together with science and technology. As A-1 Studio’s first attempt at an anime mecha, the studio did an amazing job with execution.

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Featuring a civil war between Earth and a technologically advanced Mars, it combines 2D animation with beautiful 3D robot features for battles. Mecha battles are performed at a high level, and the CGI is simple. The aesthetics establish the fact that the image is futuristic/alternative. The sci-fi themes are intense, with beautiful details such as the mecha used. The lost technology gives the Martians different mecha designs, such as the six -handed Kataphract Hellas, mind -blowing animation.

9 Yuri !!! On ice – 7.91

Vcitor skating with Yuri in the wind

One of the best anime directed by womenYuri and Ice focusing on honesty and inventiveness. Because this is a sports anime, the skate choreography and routines take up a lot of defensive time. The animations of the human body are very powerful. When the skater enters the rink and plays, the skater corners are wise to record each move. The photos are well developed with details even when they are not on the skating rink.

The series also uses a variety of lighting technologies, relying heavily on a combination of soft and warm color palettes to convey the nature of a scene. Yuri on Ice is a series created with love and attention, as evidenced by the precise grip of the vibration of the hand, the gentle glitter on the metals, and the bright red color. of lips in action.


8 Brick Memory – 7.92

Plastic reminders eating pizza

Plastic memory a stable and high-intensity collection is maintained 13 times. He has an experimental air because he takes his design in a sci-fi direction and puts it in a utopian atmosphere. The environment is bright, colorful, and uses a variety of colors, such as watercolor. The style conveys the sci-fi concept well and blends well with the plot and genres of the show.

Moving is kind of simple and easy. The design techniques are reminiscent of what is seen in Gospel series, and facial expressions look at a person without being magical. The series showcases confident graphics and post -animation concepts with upcoming buildings, machines, and Giftias.

7 Hyouka – 8.10

A movie of Chitanda in Hyouka.

Hyouka is a very popular anime series by Kyoto Animation. She follows the Kamiyama High School Classic Literature Club to enjoy solving mysteries and spending time in their worldly life. Big lights, highly decorated and exciting events, and monologues set the mood and style. It takes viewers to a fantastical world far away from reality.

The word presented in Oreki’s mind is a different kind of image, with the layers of each enigma engraved on the viewer. Some scenes are dreamy, and this difference between the world and the abstract makes Hyouka an independent experience.

6 Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Activities – 8.19

Images of Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade in action in the midst of the Holy Grail War

The reason for Blade’s actions are limitless it’s usually as a battle royale for the holy grail, but animation is the main thing Famous/Night Stay moʻo. The animation is much more beautiful, from the visuals to the visual effects to the immersive action scenes. Moving cities, bridge panoramas, crowded parks, and dark graveyards are just a few examples of the anime’s beautiful artwork.

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With fast movement and excellent camera angles, the action is well organized. Disputes between master and slaves are well settled and well -detailed. Real -moving graphics, as well as features such as water reflection, hard hair movement, and 3D rivals add to the animation for which the Ufotable studio is famous.

5 Attack on Titan – 8.53

Survey Corps with weapons in Attack on Titan

Attack Titan features some of the most rewarding life stories, combined with beautiful scenes, music, and animation. For those who are new to anime, it can be one of the best anime for beginners to get an interesting taste of the anime world. The artwork is amazing, and the audience is left with much of the animation’s success. Many were impressed by the 3D maneuver gear, which quickly became the centerpiece of the show’s magical nature.

The artwork conveys a variety of perspectives on the environment. The soldiers leave the buildings and the air above them, escaping from the traditional world war and entering the world of high jump. The images are pulled in different thicknesses of the black to release them from the background, which is the beauty of the animation.

4 My favorite dress – 8.43

My Darling Dress The big picture head

My Love Dress It was the latest anime of winter 2022. It won Attack Titan a Demon killer in the high -profile anime of the time, showing popularity and popularity among viewers. The quality of the animation and design is high because it is an anime about cosplay and features of Japanese Hina babies and baby -like objects.

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There is a difference between 2D images and 3D graphics in the image, where the images are much more intuitive than hand -painted. The cosplay costumes are amazing and beautiful. Whether it’s designing clothes or picking up essentials, CloverWorks has gone on and on. The color is beautiful and beautiful, there is not a single element of the animation that detracts from the overall appeal.

3 Demon Slayer – 8.55

A character who holds two eyes in Demon Slayer.

Demon killer It is one of the best action anime featuring movies and graphics combined with an interesting plot. In terms of animation, it went above and beyond what anime fans expected. The use of CGI is flawless and clean, giving the impression of seeing a 3D anime. The pages show the most important aspects of life in the wilderness through the nature of the snow and the mountains.

The various features of the sword fight, there are real details such as water flowing from the sword, prove the skill of the animation. It combines combat scenes with stylistic and cinematic choreography. Techniques are used skillfully to illustrate different types of conflict. Demons pose a threat, from murderous laughter to physical gestures.

2 Violet Evergarden – 8.66

Violet gives a love at Violet Evergarden.

Violet Evergarden, an anime story about a simple book, seen as beautiful and heartfelt to the public. The moʻo is praised for its richness of heart and planning. The arrangement of the Violet Evergarden the world is a beautiful, natural country, with European style and colors. The sights of the starry night, as well as the city of Leiden, are seen as spectacular.

The flowers around the lizard show prominence, which connects the mood to the events. The quality of the pictures inside Violet Evergarden Not compared in good and treated with great care among critics. The environment, objects, and camera features add important details to each scene. A well -established feature is the appearance of objects.

1 Jujutsu Kaisen – 8.69

A kind of dance in Jujutsu Kaisen.

O Jujutsu Kaisen It is a story about witches or cursing people, in which Itadori eats the cursed finger and works to end the curse. Normally, the show goes up a lot and the horror, with a lot of action and gore. The fights are well -organized and show interesting techniques.

The characters are amazing and the characters change as they shift the focus to the main character and change the look of the character to a first -person view. The layout animation features the damaged strings. Each person’s work is very dynamic due to the unique nature of the aura, with its aquamarine and pseudo-3D contour. The lizard has many thoughtful designs and elements, making it an amazing animation.

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