10 Anime Series Fans want to see more

There are endless updates on anime Professional and didn’t have any more options to look for hard -hitting and newer players. Anime is something that often makes things serious, which has led to some serious advertising series running for hundreds where the end is unknown, and other cars that can tell a whole story in ten events.

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The strong impact is the most important for any story, regardless of its length. Another short anime series pride themselves on finishing while they’re on, but there are also plenty of special anime worlds where people will want to return.

10 Only Space Dandy will ruin the skin of its eternal glow

Anime Space Dandy End of the World

Space Dandy there are two 13-pieces that are very close to perfection. The sci-fi series is unpredictable fly happily to the new starsmany of such works often involve radical techniques and stylistic refinements. Space Dandy makes a pleasant ending, but there is still a lot to be gained for the lizard due to his interest in the multiverse.

Dandy and his crew can come back for more fun activities and they won’t be forgotten. Toonami’s anime series Adult Swim has just announced the fourth and fifth for the FLCL, but the third season of Space Dandy More glorious is the return.

9 Death Parade unravels the human nature through an Eerie Anthology series

Swimming death Parade

Death is a universal subject that makes everyone happy on some level. Make Makana It is a difficult series to associate with fallen spirits usual innocuous fun games such as the baseball and the archery.

Make Makana slowly opens up a much larger story about his humble bartender, Decim, but it’s the independent experiments of the man that each of the participants put together. Make Makana‘s very strong. The anime series captures its unique challenges and harrowing character studies in ten episodes, but there’s unlimited power in its idea that it’s easy to get an anthology-esque series that lasts for hundreds of years.

8 Keep your hands on Eizouken! A Love Letter For The Work Process


Part of what makes anime so easy is that some characters are allowed to tell small stories and niches. Keep your hands on Eizouken! a 2020 anime story looking for three of the girls who love art and their desire to express themselves through ambitious anime action.

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Eizouken! She is beautiful and successful with her humble focus on the production process and the amount of work required. The anime ends its journey in 12 episodes, but it’s great to be back in these pictures and see what they decide to do to develop their talent.

7 Kakegurui celebrates high gambling through endless expansion


Anime has a strong ability to show normal actions in hyperbolized forms that allow them to take on weight like a very intense physical fight. Kakegurui housed at the prestigious Hyakkaou Private Academy, presenting itself as a high caste regimented system led by the school’s Student Council.

Students are concerned about their value and popularity in the games of the time and the nature of the school Yumeko Jabami is the latest to be forgottencompletely end the status quo. Kakegurui there are two 12 seasons, but there are plenty of time -lapse games that allow these films to be included in later seasons.

6 Nana is an interesting part of the life story that needs to be replaced

Anime Nana Somber Friendship

Ai Yazawa Nana It should look great for people in their twenties, but honesty and innocence really mean having fun with audiences. The series josei idea looks at two different friends named Nana who follow their dreams of thought, career, and love as they navigate the rough conditions of adulthood.

Nana It contains 47 pieces, more than most of the other stories available, but it is not exhaustive. People want to see what Nana Osaki and Nana Komatsu are up to, whether it’s after the finale of the anime or a story that’s been around for a decade or more.

5 Gurren Lagann’s vision and developmental powers are not limited to their hospitality

Granzeboma uses the stairs at Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

The mecha style is one of the most important story areas of the anime. Right Toppa Gurren Lagann he is a thoughtful riff on anime mecha Which is what turns two young people into the man’s highest hope of coming out of their bottom line. The story of the anime is thought -provoking, but the animation from Gainax is a real treat.

Gurren Lagann sticks to all of its details, but the anime has a serious impact and some audiences aren’t exhausted. Another season of Gurren Lagann It is not necessary to remove this effect, but it can provide more context or decide to look for a completely different kind of value. Gurren Lagann the whole world.

4 Outlaw Star is set in a happy, uncluttered space

Toonami Outlaw Star Gene Starwind with those on board

Gene Starwind and his independent group of airmen confirm that Hoku Kaawai always fun. The unkempt hunter -gatherer number is famous for its large value as well The Guardians of the Galaxy.

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For some, making different pieces of basic science fiction anime might be an example. Cowboy Bebop or Neon Genesis Evangelion, aka Hoku Kaawai It is the right agreement. He has an audience of opinion and the financial world, but there is no austere name to leave before improvement. There are many things that can be said with these words.

3 Claymore’s Vicious World & Fearless Heroines needs a big light

Clare fights Priscilla in her Half Awakened state in Claymore

Claymore It’s a vicious combination of dark thought, action, and horror that puts strong female warriors into pure dream wood. The 26th and final result offered a replacement for Clare and her teammates, but it was a very quick decision.

A return to the world of Claymore It is much easier to do and does not stray too much from the original, as Fullmetal Alchemist: Brother in comparison with Mea Alchemist Fullmetalto comfort old fans and bring in a new audience. Claymore‘s The monsters and the women who fight them can be limited to a short story.

2 The Legendary Hero that Trigun will defeat is even worse

Anime Trigun Vash Gun painted in Legato

The anime works Trigun has become a mystery in recent years, but it has been a major topic since the 1990s, with His strongest protagonist is Vash the Stampede. Trigun second to Vash to those who are superior and there is a headline that puts an end to Vash’s flawed nature.

The 26 sections of Trigun to accomplish the job well, but the anime leaves much of the manga unseen and the focus of the final film. Badlands Rumble, showing that there is a demand for this world. Now is the time to bring back the six billion man.

1 Excel Saga has a new decade of Anime consoles in Lampoon

Anime Excel Saga The Masses of Excel Chaos

There are few anime stories that give the big crazy the speed of the delirious Excel Saga. of the 26-piece gag series from the early 2000s about a simple mission of ruling the city around, but each lesson dresses itself as a pitch-perfect parody filled with comedy.

Excel Saga it covers most of the obvious reasons and ends its run at the highest memo. However, anime has grown a lot in recent years Excel Saga‘s to end a new era to have new lands to mock.

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