10 Anime restaurants we like to visit

Of all the settings available in the anime world, it’s amazing that restaurants are one of a kind. If their menus are full of traditional Japanese food or western-themed food, it seems like there are endless possibilities for restaurants in the anime.

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While the anime’s main role is not related to running the food industry, these restaurants still serve as important places for movies to visit. They often make important memories in these places or learn valuable lessons while enjoying delicious food and chatting with friends. Of course, these restaurants are fun to visit in real life.

10 Isekai’s food is made for his supporters in another world (Isekai Izakaya Nobu)

At the Alternate World Bar, people enjoy a full menu of food and beverages to introduce the latest world. It’s on the back street of Kyoto and it seems kind of humble, but its food is from this world. After eating at the restaurant, customers called a place called “Aitera.”

A visit to this restaurant in real life is exciting. It will be fun to try out their directory and then phone to this different world. In addition, Australians come through the door to visit the Alternate World Bar.

9 Tenjin-Ya A Magic Bed and Breakfast (Kakuriyo)

Tenjin-Ya is a beautiful looking hotel. It is just a bridge from Ginten District, a wealthy area that attracts a lot of visitors. However, this whole place has a bad name because it is associated with paranormal events and disasters.

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In this guest house a bed and breakfast are a pleasure to see. Despite its bad reputation, all the staff are generous who want to run a business and know that Tenjin-Ya is a very good place for its visitors.

8 A burger turned on by Satan himself will hit just the opposite (the devil is part of the time)

After his victory over Ente Isla, Satan invaded the human world and was forced to work part -time at MgRonald’s to end the consequences so he could return to Hell. He soon realized that the creation of the human world was worse than his home.

However, his mind changes when he realizes that he can rise up the corporate ladder and protect the Earth with every happy customer. Aside from the restaurant’s hilarious bootleg name, people can’t help but be surprised at how fast food is made by Satan himself. Each burger thrown by the famous King of Hell will be hit differently.

7 Customers can get a haircut while enjoying their meal at Barber Gourmet (Turkey)

For the average working person, it can be difficult to balance all the responsibilities of life with maintaining a positive appearance. Sometimes it can be hard to find time to prepare dinner. Fortunately, all of Barber Gourmet’s ingredients are covered in these categories.

Peni was the businessman, a skilled net man and an excellent cook. Consumers can cut their hair while enjoying delicious food. Pen is a smart hair straightener so that no hair falls into the customer’s diet while he is cutting.

6 Great to meet the staff of Wagnaria (Working !!)

Wagnaria, while common on the skin, has many employees with eccentric personalities. For some, the floor planner was a katana, the director was lazy, and the head was kind of thoughtless. There are many eccentric types of waiters and waitresses, such as Popura’s toughness and Souta’s inability not to speak to her.

Tons of visuals come with a fearless group of personalities, so it will be fun to visit the restaurant and get into their chaos. Also, the quality of their food is amazing, so it doesn’t run out of time.

5 Yukihara’s restaurant has specials every day (Food War!)

Yukihira Restaurant serves as a special place of the day. Although there is no menu, their specialties are very different from day to day. The restaurant was even more successful after Soma began to perform his own creative performances of the choir.

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He took the beef, which was considered unacceptable for the Semifinals, and improved its taste by using different pieces of beef. The best thing about Yukihira is that, because people come from all walks of life to visit, it can be purchased for everyone. While the food is good, they are not very expensive.

4 Western Restaurant Nekoya connects to the other world every Saturday (Restaurant to the other world)

Western Restaurant Nekoya doesn’t seem to be much appreciated by the average waiter. After all, there is no denying the right food with a free choice of soup, rice, and bread on the side. Although it is not in the well -maintained part of the ship, the staff do everything they can to create a pleasant and welcoming environment for visitors.

However, this restaurant becomes open to The Other World every Saturday. People from the natural world can go there, and foreigners can go through the gates. Fortunately, evil spirits could not go and go as they wished.

3 People can hang out with all kinds of animals at Polar Bear Cafe

For Shirokuma, the Polar Bear Cafe is a wonderful place where people and animals can interact with each other. Shirokuma takes great pride in running an excellent business, and he always tries to make sure the cafe is a place where customers are entertained.

The Polar Bear Cafe has a huge list of drinks and food to choose from while having fun with images such as the beloved Klutz, Panda, and a Penguin that have tons of humor to go along with. around.

2 Trattoria Trussardi’s diet has unhealthy health benefits (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable)

Tonio’s restaurant is one of Morioh’s other good examples. At first, it looked like a typical Italian restaurant. However, one bite of Tonio’s food had a magical effect on humans.

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Not only was the food delicious, but she used her skill to make dishes that were made to cure people of all their diseases, diseases of which they did not know. He made Okuyasu with tomatoes and mozzarella, which quickly rested his stiff shoulders. Some people said that Tonio’s life could cure diseases that were previously thought to be incurable.

1 Ichiraku Ramen is a food in Konoha (Naruto)

Ichiraku Ramen is Naruto’s favorite restaurant. He never forgets the perfect time to stop and have a cup of ramen, which is more common than just one. Ichiraku Ramen is a food in Konoha. Although he was killed after Pain’s anger, Inari rebuilt him because he knew he was Naruto’s favorite.

Interestingly, there is a real life restaurant with the same name. It is located in Fukuoka and only two locations in Japan. From time immemorial And Naruto As popularity grew, the restaurant sold hand -me -downs with words from the lizard and noodle bowls with their logo.

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