10 Anime movies that work well in Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Is one of the most popular anime in the world. Goku’s quest to improve himself and protect the Earth has established him as an anime character. The images of him fighting and opposing are not bad at all. People sometimes wonder what would happen if images from other stories were seen around the world. Dragon Ball.

Match: 10 Video games to play if you like Dragon BallSome of the images were not well matched in their own presentation. Whether they are losing battles or not being widely known, some of the best things can be seen as bad competition for the worlds in which they live. Maybe their desire is just a fresh start. If some words started Dragon Ball but it may have given them a way that was lost.

10 Hayato Gokudera needs more wins (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn Seen often. It’s a good shonen anime, even if the protagonist isn’t small. The second protagonist was Hayato Gokudera, who served as a security guard for what was behind the line to be in charge of the team.

Gokudera is often on the winning side of battles. With his bullets, he will get the upper hand, but the victory will be snatched last time. If he was inside The Dragons, he can win, even if he is on the heroic side of things. In another world, he may have the training he needs, or some suitable Capsule Corp technology to the point where he can prove himself.

9 Kato (Gantz) is a Very Good Hero

Gantz he was loved and condemned for his nihilism and adult nature. There are a lot of deaths in this story. One of the victims in the game was Masaru Kato. He is often held for good in a world that does not care about one side.

If Kato is a shonen like monster The Dragons, he could rock well as a hero he had always fought for. With his training, Kato was able to grab his key and go with Goku. Although people are not as strong as the Saiyans, he can train for a while and secure an honorable career as a sportsman like Yamcha.

8 Soi Fon is a Killer Assassin (Bleach)

Along with bleach with so many letters, it’s easy to see some of them. Soi Fon is the captain of Squad 2 and a powerful Soul Reaper. He had a deadly shikai power, but was made insignificant by the Millennium Blood War.

about: Who is the Anime Ninja you would form your Zodiac sign for?If Soi Fon is inside Dragon Ball, he may have more defense time. His ability is that he can kill any enemy with two blows in the same place. This can lead to intense battles. Dragon Ball There aren’t many ninjas, so Soi Fon can easily fill that gap.

7 Usopp Can Take Courage to Succeed (One Piece)

One piece it’s full of hundreds and some of them are easy to get lost in the shuffle. As a member of the Straw Hat Pirates, Usopp was considered important, but he could do more.

Although he grew up during his time on the lizard, Usopp could have done much better under Roshi, Goku, or other Z Warrior trainees. He could have the courage he wanted before he did One piece. By becoming a very good man, Usopp was able to rise to great heights as a warrior and exalt his father.

6 Sanouke Sagara Can Learn Ki Techniques (Rurouni Kenshin)

Rurouni Kenshin Fighting with weapons is more about hand -to -hand combat. When Sanouke dropped his weapon, it became Kenshin’s banana pit. He is one of Rurouni Kenshin tough fighters, but he always thought he could do better.

In Dragon Ball, Sanouke is able to learn in and out of the key powers. This will enhance its really tough character and tough hand combat style. He had the power and during the Kyoto arc he learned a move that could melt rock. As a non -confrontational player, Sanouke could benefit from joining Dragon Ball in many ways.

5 Killer Bee can add his new fun songs (Naruto Shippuden)

Although Jinchuuriki is Eight Tailed, Killer Bee plays a major role in the Naruto moʻo. He had to befriend and use the eight -tailed beast while the Akatsuki was behind him. In fact, he taught Sasuke a lesson and proved to be one of the best warriors from the Land of Electricity.

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Of course, it seems that Killer Bee didn’t get his paycheck. It has been forgotten since the end of Shippuden. In Dragon Ball he will become an unforgettable hero with his quirky fighting style and deadly skill. Akira Toriyama loves to do quirky things with his pictures, and Killer Bee’s recording is a lot of fun for him to play.

4 Laki can’t wait to fight a Saiyan (Black Clover)

Laki Voltia o Black Clover Always seek conflict. He likes to fight strong opponents and proves to be the strongest around. As a member of the Black Party he had some entertaining meetings but fans wondered if his thirst for war would be quenched.

Imagine what Luck could do Dragon Ball the whole world. He has all kinds of strong warriors that Luck makes him happy to fight. His lightning magic proves to be the most powerful in this setting, and he can expand his repertoire of attacks with a little practice.

3 Koga Can Create a New Wolf Army (Inuyasha)

The demons of Inuyasha More power. They try to find him by finding the broken pieces of the Shikon Jewel. Koga is one of these common demons. He wanted to break through his enemies and hear the cries of their wives. In a different world and in a bigger way, however, it might be kind of interesting.

With Dragon Balls, Koga can have more and more power he has always wanted. In Inuyasha, Koga has been reduced to a small player after his first appearances with the acquisition of a number of fans. Living in the whole world would give him a fresh start, and he would probably be better than any other demon.

2 Allenby Beardsley no longer wants a Gundam (Mobile Fighter G Gundam)

Allenby Beardsley was the Gundam fighter for Neo Sweden and the only female competitor in that year’s tournament. Allenby has the fighting strength and can benefit from living around the world dedicated to the military. In the Dragon Ball universe, it does not need the Berserker system.

After some time inside G Gundam, Allenby was released on a second love affair with his ability. Here, he has a chance to have a good time Dragon Ball. If he can be patient with Master Roshi, he can learn valuable technologies, use his key and learn to fly. Allenby has some of the World’s strongest defenders inside The Dragons, he has his time.

1 Ranma can earn her respect (Ranma 1/2)

Ranma 1/2 It’s a humorous story from the ’90s about a military photographer who switches between male or female depending on how hot the water is in which they are seen. It’s often played for a laugh, as are the rest of this Rumiko Takahashi steering group. Ranma is smart, but she is not tested like anime martial arts.

In The Dragons, Ranma Saotome can have the difficulty she is looking for and the respect she needs. Their gimmick can be played for laughter, but Ranma will soon silence their critics. Ranma can learn new powers and reach new heights as a fighter.

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