10 Anime It’s Hard to Watch Without Anime Paper

Everyone has a story that they love in anime. Because there are so many types of anime, many mo’o are immediately in demand by newcomers to anime. Same goes Cowboy Bebop or new hits like that My Hero Academia continue to attract the public.

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However, there are some animes that are very difficult for people who don’t want the anime to be fun. Whether it’s because of great fanservice or gore, some anime stories aren’t suitable for people who are just putting their toes in the water for the first time.

10 Kakegurui can be very confusing for those who don’t know Anime

Yumeko is stretching out her crooked arm

Kakegurui An anime about strong gambling at Hyakkaou Private Academy. Yumeko Jabami is the protagonist, the freshman is a serious player. He seemed to enjoy intimidating his opponents and intimidating them when they approached.

even though Kakegurui Not necessarily bad, it’s hard for people who don’t know anime to have fun. There are a lot of sarcasm, just added sex, crying, and hurt in the anime that can be comforting to new anime people and they don’t want to watch any anime.

9 Devilman Crybaby can be a challenge for new Anime players

Ryo watches death in Devilman Crybaby

Devilman Crybaby He is a demon child who is led into a terrible battle by his friend. The main point of the show is about the evil deeds of people who condemn demons but commit the same evil deeds that they condemn demons on a daily basis. It raises anti -war sentiments.

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However, he can turn new anime fans over because he chooses to reveal the worst parts of humanity. It exposes human faults in dark and obvious ways that can be difficult for those who don’t like anime.

8 Goblin Slayer’s controversial reports of atrocities turn viewers even further.

Goblin Slayer goes after his captive

Goblin assassin a dark -minded anime about a man created to destroy all goblins. However, this anime soon gained a reputation for controversy. Crunchyroll has to issue an apology and put words of exhaustion before each event of the show.

The show is very graphic, depicting the violence and abuse in the most accurate way. For those who don’t like anime, the reason is obvious Goblin assassin It’s hard for them to get in – it can be intimidating to new anime fans from watching new anime.

7 The attack on Titan could be a huge hit for new viewers

Attack on Titan Levi

Attack Titan He is one of the most popular anime series of the last few years. He quickly became a favorite and when the lizard was over, his popularity only increased. However, for newcomers to the anime, it can be hard to watch.

Attack Titan It was a very bad thing, showing the cutting of limbs and the number of battles. In addition, there are many parts of the story that require viewers to think seriously about the social conditions in the anime. New anime fans can see this important.

6 Ka Lewd Sounds In Food Wars! New Anime players can be released

Nene and Satoshi from Food Wars!

Fight Food! a light hearted anime. She follows high school student Soma Yukihira on her journey to become a full -time chef with her father. However, as simple as the idea is, everyone looked Fight Food! Knowledge about some of its sound effects is more obvious.

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The huge entertainment and crying out in the anime can be very stressful for those who haven’t seen the anime before to see it. Everyone who watched this anime agreed on one important thing: wear headphones.

5 Sword Art Online’s concept of VR Reality can be difficult for new viewers to get into.

Sword Art Online poster

Sword Art Online it’s about a multiplayer VR game where players can’t go and go as they please: they can either leave when they win or be killed by someone. Killing them in the game will also kill them in real life.

The VR thing can be a little overwhelming for new anime fans to get into. In addition, the anime features a certain amount of violence, and it gets at least one violent scene each season. This can be very frustrating for viewers – there are more and more newcomers to the anime.

4 Neon Genesis Evangelion can be a nightmare for those who don’t watch Anime

Toji is rescued in Neon Genesis Evangelion

Although considered normal, Neon Genesis Evangelion it can be difficult for new viewers. The anime is going before it shows the violence. The scenes around the lizard range from bloody to terrifying.

Throughout the anime, there are a lot of disturbing scenes that keep people watching it at night. Many of the scenes depict elements of surrealism that trouble new viewers, such as when Shinji’s last story is revealed and his imagination is explored. The gore is enough to quickly convert a lot of people, but the sense of surrealism is another class that is even stronger for new anime viewers.

3 Neverland promises to be a challenge for newcomers to Anime

The Promised Neverland Season 2

That which is not sworn very good and very troublesome. It ties the children into an orphan who is sold to demons in the flesh. While it doesn’t rely heavily on blood images to tell the story, it can feel and mentally powerful for any viewer.

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The anime does a very good job of creating a very challenging atmosphere. In terms of horror anime, its first episode is the best. However, for those new to anime, That which is not sworn a little too much.

2 Beastars is a special treat for longtime anime lovers, let alone those who aren’t fans.

collot and voss from the beastars

Animals it’s an anime that’s set these days – except everything is an anthropomorphic animal. In addition, there is a major cultural battle between herbivores and carnivores. The anthropomorphic animals that rule society are something else, but a kind of cultural warfare has been thrown over it, making this one of the most eccentric anime stories of all time.

For those new to anime, BeastarIt might be too bad for them. There is a different kind of controversy in the moʻo, and there is an important point of view among the animals when they ask about their needs and characteristics. wholeheartedly Animals It’s a strange story for those who have watched anime for a long time – and even more unpleasant for those who don’t like anime.

1 Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a classic that can appeal to newcomers to Anime

Dio and Jonathan stand in the moonlight at JoJos Bizarre Adventure

No one can deny that Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure it’s a classic anime. There is no doubt that Hirohiko Araki is a good player. However, for those who are new to anime, the events of the story are very different and they are used to following.

Because it’s a genealogy of each Joestar in each piece, it can be confusing at first. Newcomers may be wondering about why the protagonist died at the end of the first half and don’t know what’s to come. Another feature that might be confusing is the rapid move from Hamona to Kū. The show is usually the most fun. But for those who don’t like anime, it’s probably going to be too big in the first place.

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