10 Anime Images to Become a Better Avatar Than Aang

In case Avatar: The Last Airbender One of the best animated series, Aang is among the great heroes of animation. Kindness, love, and a loving heart, Aang won the fans as the main hero of his lizard. His journey to achieve his destination is among the best scenes of Hero’s Journey in modern history.

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Despite all his accomplishments, Aang is kind of flawed at heart. His first stubbornness and unwillingness to do his duty were the bad aspects of his world. While he wakes up to meet his Avatar status, some anime characters will create an Avatar that is even better than him.

10 Senku Ishigami is wiser than anyone

One of the most talented anime protagonists in recent years, Senku Ishigami is a super-genius. He had mastery of general scientific subjects, which allowed him to solve problems in ways that were considered impossible. Despite his wisdom, Senku did not allow progress in his head. Instead, he was quick to point out the strengths of others and encourage them to use their abilities to their fullest.

Like the Avatar, Senku can use these abilities to a devastating effect. His knowledge of the elements will lead him to create new and innovative Bending techniques to end the Fire Nation. Now, his ability to persuade others to encourage his peers to follow in the footsteps.

9 Edward Elric is flying to an unknown height

The titular Mea Alchemist Fullmetal, Edward Elric, an established authority like that of Aang. His skill in Alchemy allows him to manipulate everything around him in any way or way he deems fit. Also, unlike most Alchemists, Edward can perform Alchemy without a transmutation cycle, although due to his past decision to perform a human transmutation is prohibited.

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If Edward Elric becomes an Avatar, his first knowledge of Alchemy will give him an advantage over most Benders. His eye power, combined with the intelligence and power that Alchemy demands, gives Edward a level of accuracy and power found in little Benders, as well as some Avatars.

8 Izuku Midoriya will throw himself into his teaching

Where Aang was born with an innate talent for Bending, Midoriya is the real opponent. His Quirkless status didn’t stop him from dreaming of becoming a hero, working twice as hard as those around him to fix his shortcomings.

If Deku becomes an Avatar, this will translate to creating things a little earlier than Aang. In addition, his determination to save everyone leads him to take his actions more seriously than Aang had previously done, even though this is a bad outcome for Deku.

7 Naruto shared Aang’s luggage but the car was bigger

Aang and Naruto are good warriors with different backgrounds. They both had fun when they were young, and unsolicited burdens were placed upon them. However, the difference is the way they choose to act.

Although Aang chose to run away from his life as an Avatar, and took some time to accept his role, Naruto did not run away. Instead, Naruto turned the role into a motivator as he pursued his goal of becoming Hokage. Naruto will drive that same car while creating things like Avatar. He would probably continue to practice until he had no more trouble doing so.

6 Giorno Giovana will pay the price for the damage

Even the son of DIO, the hero of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Makani Gula there is the blood of the noble Joestar family running in its roots to balance that. Driven by a desire to change the world around him for the better, Giorno lives a life of determination and refuses to allow anyone or anything to get in the way of his goal.

While Giorno can show love to enemies, he is more pragmatic than Aang. If someone did something that was considered unforgivable, he would not hesitate to take his life in response. If he was the Avatar, Lord Fire Ozai might not have survived their last battle.

5 Son Gohan loves, but wants to kill

As one of the great heroes of Dragon Ball, Son Gohan is one of the strongest players in the franchise. Like Aang, he started out as a child who hated the idea of ​​fighting, and this helped him keep his blood pressure Saiyan in check, just letting go. in times of stress. His love is one of Gohan’s best qualities.

The fact that Gohan is a very critical contender makes him a better Avatar than his father. Gohan will plan his move ahead of time and work to achieve the best possible result in the fight. More importantly, despite his loving nature, the experience taught him not to hesitate to kill an opponent if the opportunity arose.

4 Naofumi is Pragmatic

Another hero, Naofumi, was asked to do something they did not like The Rise of the Safety Hero Couldn’t be better than Aang as a character. Irritated, ignorant, and slow to trust others, Naofumi can become a bully who wants to use deceptive tactics to win. This character was born out of pragmatism rather than evil, however, even though his status as a Shield Hero left him invincible.

As an Avatar, this pragmatism serves Naofumi well in battle. No longer constrained by her defense, Naofumi would use things to the best of her ability. Also, his desire to kill in order to survive, he would not pull the punches if necessary. Ozai does not live on fire to see the light of day. In fact, it can be argued that these kinds of atrocities make him a great warrior and a lousy Avatar.

3 Tanjiro has Empathy and Understanding

The hero of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Tanjiro Kamado is no stranger to loss and tragedy. While Aang admits the challenges he has faced, Tanjiro responds to the pressure like an adult. Turning his attention to being a motivator, Tanjiro tried to become a Demon Slayer so that no one would go to his work.

Because of the beatings, Tanjiro kept coming back, even if he had to work for his life. This instability, despite the many tragedies he has endured in life, is what allows him to become a powerful Demon Slayer. By translating such an Avatar, Tanjiro would challenge everyone to stop the atrocities of the Fire Nation at once.

2 Luffy will break the rules when necessary

Monkey D. Luffy isn’t the best knife in the drawer, but he makes a loving and fun Avatar, just like Aang. His social nature was quick to win over friends, even though his entire warrior nature would leave the Fire Nation running down the hills.

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What makes Luffy a better Avatar than Aang is that he wants to break the rules if necessary. For example, when confronted with the likes of Long Feng and his attempts to control Ba Sing Se, Luffy would not tolerate his silly behavior for a minute. He will go directly to the King of the Earth. Luffy can argue at times but he knows that the simplest solution to a problem can be the best solution.

1 Lelouch will play the fire race like a fiddle

In hindsight, Lelouch Vi Britannia doesn’t seem to make a good Avatar. However, his real skill is not in physical combat but in martial arts. He will use his Bending techniques to force high -profile opponents to situations where they can’t hope to win, giving him an easy victory.

To fight against the Fire Nation, Lelouch will find a way to turn a never -ending struggle against the Firebenders. With his skills, the Black Sun Invasion is likely to succeed, if at all.

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