10 Anime Heroes that have almost wiped out the world

Heroes are symbolized by rescuing people from criminals or the world from destruction at the hands of evil ones who seek to destroy it. But sometimes, those warriors are the ones who are not known, or are expected to bring disaster on the world because of their extreme power and lack of responsibility. Other times, not enough is enough to prevent a catastrophe.

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These warriors can destroy the world with a change of mind or by removing a power line. Fortunately, however, they have one thing or another that takes care of them and saves the world like a deus ex machina in their own right.

10 Kyrie Ilunis begins to turn the world into sand (Sands of Destruction)

In the last parts of The sands of destruction, Kyrie Illunis reveals that she is the Destruct Code, a living creature created by The Creator that can restart the world multiple times by turning the hands of time into sand. With a kind, protective nature, and positive outlook on life, Kyrie is seen as a staunch opponent of Morte’s pessimistic view of the world.

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However, when Kyrie’s memory awakens as the Destruct Code, her character changes to who follows the commands. At Morte’s request to destroy the earth, he begins to return the earth to sand. If it weren’t for Morte’s last change of heart, this hero would have ended everything.

9 ʻO Wang Ling Nearly Obliterated Earth (The Daily Life of the Immortal King)

Donghua is the daily life of the immortal king

The last season of The daily life of the Immortal Chief shows the MC, Wang Ling, is about to devastate the world and the atmosphere around him. This very strong young man has acquired thinking skills from birth, with his parents spending much of their free time preparing ways to help him control his worldly powers. Without their sincere efforts to prevent Wang’s power from running away and Wang’s dedication to following their example, the world might not have been able to make this far.

8 Yuno Gasai’s great plot with Yukiteru Amano ended the world and saved it (Future Diary)

Yuki and Yuno will be writing the upcoming Diary

Upcoming DiaryThe timing of events can be confusing, but if it weren’t for Yukiteru Amano, the world would have ended three times over. Yuno Gasai, Yukiteru’s lover and winner of the first Deus game, becomes afraid of his son. His main goal was to end the world, begin to see him again, and kill himself to replace himself, so that he could be reunited with her. Without Yukiteru Amano, that cycle would have continued indefinitely, but thankfully Yukiteru returned after winning his own Deus game and fixing everything.

7 Kusuo Saiki has a bad day since he opened his boundaries and ended his life (The unfortunate life of Saiki K.)

The Disastous Life of Saiki K

Kusuo Saiki was very successful, and he knew, so he insisted on using limits at all times. While sleeping with only one limit, he called to a crowded hotel in the middle of the ocean. Even with limited time, she can re -arrange the time in 24 hours, teleport almost anywhere, and change the dress of reality by doing other hair colors and giving away hairstyles. everything that can be healed. Saiki’s power was so strong that he was really worried about the kind of destruction that could take place when the borders were over and his anger was high.

6 Maybe Korosensei could have gone to Nuclear (School of Assassination)

Korosensei Before the Board of Killing

From the beginning of Homicide Class, The “misfit” 3-E class of Kunugigaoka Junior High School was charged with killing their teacher, Korosensei, who was the strongest fighter with the fastest speed and abilities. revision. If they didn’t kill him before he left, he would destroy the Earth.

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It is known that Korosensei has an antimatter solvent embedded in his body, which continuously carries antimatter through the cell division throughout his life. However, when the cell division is complete, the chain will end up on the ground, so it must be killed. When he was around Korosensei, there was always a chance that Korosensei could destroy the world if he wanted to.

5 The evil Lady has turned wrong because she fell in her childhood and was ready to end the world on her own (Sailor Moon R)

Anime Sailor Moon evil villain

Sailor Mini-Moon, and Rini, the red haired daughter of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask. Although most knew her as the time travel queen, she played the protagonist and antagonist in the series R. Her evil came out as the parent of the evil Lady. The Wicked Woman almost destroyed the world with King Demande by using two silver Crystals, one from herself and the other from her young Sailor Mini-Moon. The two Silver Crystals combined were about to destroy the time-series, but were interrupted due to Sailor Pluto’s last help.

4 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya has changed the facts and almost destroyed the world

Haruhi drags Kyon to Haruhi Suzumiya's Melancholy

The Melancholy of Haruhi SuzumiyaHis name may have been a god, an esper, or something else. Of course, he can change reality to give him whatever he wants, so he summons sentient robots from the sky, time travelers, and espers to secretly surround him. The most horrible thing is that he can enter the warping period, which is revealed when he re -begins the summer break more than 15,000 times without the knowledge of the people, and creationism. In the finale of Season 1, Haruhi’s mind goes wild, and he creates blue monsters that can kill everyone, if not destroy the world. Thankfully, Kyon was able to catch him out of it.

3 Lelouch holds the world hostage in a bid to end all other wars (Code Geass)

Lelouch Geass Mark and Code Geass

Lelouch goes from protagonist to villain on the planet Code Geass by capturing the world with threats of destruction and dictatorship. However, later observers see that Lelouch’s plans are going to be so vicious that his death could be a symbol of the end of all wars, and he does. This may or may not be the right decision, because peace is not clear or not. However, Lelouch ended up in a world full of war built under the royal oppression of his family and rebuilt it.

2 Ash is one step closer to ending the Pokémon world (Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back & Pokémon: The First Movie)

Ash Ketchum and Pikachu from Pokemon The First Movie

Ash is at the center of world events many times in the Pokona franchise. Although he was not the only cause of destruction, he did play a role in deciding whether to save or not destroy the earth. In the first film, Ash’s quick actions release Mewtwo.

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However, that kind of fearlessness he flies between Mewtwo and Mew in the fight for the fate of humanity, leads to Mewtwo’s final decision not to wipe out human life in the the world.

1 Riku and Shuvi are connected to the world through games and are almost inactive (No Game No Life: Zero)

No game no life zero Riku & Shuvi

of the No Game No Life: Zero Two warriors, Riku and Shuvi. Both play for the fate of the person and after the world that uses the games. By teaching other people to play, the warriors won over other nations in their own trade. Using spells and espionage, they challenge everything to break into the world and take over the Suniaster. Violent war is leading their cause, but not with great disaster to the world. Riku prays to the god of games, Tet, to recreate the world left on the brink of destruction. Instead of war, problems must be solved through games without violence, leading to the future seen in the past. No game no life moʻo.

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