10 Anime Dubs that really improved the story

More than not, the anime dubs are better or at least like the original Japanese voice acting. While these English dubs only improve the Japanese, some special dubs can actually replace their predecessors.

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Thanks to the talented sound players and guides, the translators, and more, these dubs didn’t really fulfill the real Japanese, they were much better. In these few cases, dubs are better than subs.

10 Add Zoom! Sardonic is more fun

Lucky Star it is often compared to a traditional sitcom Seinfeld due to his friendly and casual conversation, but this is seen in the English dub. It’s not that the Japanese dub didn’t give his laughs at the right time; It’s just Bang Zoom! improve something good.

In Japanese, Konata and her friends are like ordinary anime schoolgirls who talk for a long time. In English, their personal style and delivery are enhanced Laki Laki relaxing jokes and better. A good example of this is Akira in the Laki Laki aftershow, where his bitterness was heightened for the comedic ending in English.

9 Add Zoom! The Melancholy of the Original Dub by Haruhi Suzumiya was even more fun

even though Haruhi Suzumiya’s Melancholy Inheritance as a piece-of-life story set in stone, the controversy surrounding its dubs continues to this day. That said, fans will love the English dub by Bang Zoom! on the Japanese base it’s just for good, and most importantly, a strong feeling.

In Japanese, Haruhi Suzumiya a good school life anime made in a sea of ​​equally good school anime. But in English, Haruhi Suzumiya a testimony. Not only was it the first high school anime of English-speaking audiences, but it was one of the most influential animes of the 2000s-era that proved that English dubs could be made well.

8 Funimation emphasizes Baccano’s very American history and character

Though he bless you, Baccano! Did not press with Japanese observers, leading to his humble action and dismissal. Although it was not recorded, many believed that the American system was wrong. Simply put, Japanese viewers don’t like it very much Baccano The gang war broke out in New York City’s second floor at the height of Prohibition.

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The difference is certainly due to the popularity of American anime, where its localization is considered to be one of the best dubs. Baccano! He found a new life in the West that was much admired with his English dub, which not only improved the setting of the story, but also made the story and characters feel at home in ways that were impossible. to the Japanese stellar dub to perform.

7 Ocean Productions expands Black Lagoon’s global setting

Black Lagoon Dub is known for having a lot of fun with players swearing, but the English language isn’t there to make fun of Rock and Revy. The anime is set in London, a prison inhabited by the world’s worst criminals, and the use of some of the world’s most common languages ​​is critical to this world reality.

In both the manga and the original dub, it appears that everyone speaks English, while Balalaika (which is Russian) speaks many languages. There was only the dub and the Japanese text for the convenience of the Japanese. Thanks in English, Black Lagoon The knowledge of the world was given the bad oral life he deserved.

6 FUNimation Entertainment has found that Space Dandy knows more than it can

One of the exceptions is about the underrated Space Dandy Which is what was done in the minds of Westerners. In fact, it started in the United States before flying to Japan. From time immemorial Space Dandy he is The Cowboy Bebop The ignorant psychiatrist said that many people felt liberated by the love of America Bebop compared to Japan’s warm hospitality.

Space Dandy made for the English -speaking audience, so FUNimation Entertainment gave Dandy’s wacky space adventures the best land they could ever have. The Japanese dub is good and can stand on its own, but it breaks down when confronted with the impossibility and fun of its English -speaking counterpart.

5 Animaze gives Cowboy Bebop a movie trailer

He goes without saying a sci-fi classic Cowboy Bebop He has some of the best English dubs of all time, and there are few (if any) new dubs that can be hoped to come close to his character. Westerners don’t remember the Japanese dub, but Animaze combined with the English version did more for the anime than it did for the current fictional performances.

Throughout history, humans have lived on earth, which means that no two cultures are united by the Bebop people. However, everyone understood English. The galaxy’s continued use of the language as it is now known has shown little to no change in an ever -changing world, and this is admirable. The Cowboy Bebop setting and thematic fatalism.

4 4Kids Entertainment has transformed Pokémon: The lizard into a nostalgic movie

4 Children get better than they should, and they do not owe enough for what they deserve, and what they did in the first place. Pokona Anime is a good example of this. Despite the vicious attempts to use America Pokona as the saying goes for “jelly filled donuts,” 4Kids ’localization can help turn the anime and franchise into a global event.

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4Kids for sale Pokona to American children, and they have done so well that their dub has evoked the nostalgia of an entire generation, while creating conferences of the English -speaking fanbase. Examples, Westernized names and their so -called names are what is seen by lovers around the world in heart and affection.

3 FUNimation Entertainment released Panty & Stocking with the full power of Garterbelt

In short, Panty and belts with Garterbelt Which is Gainax’s insult to the American adult community. The first Japanese dub was as wild as the anime could be, but it was always held up by local censors and charters. When the anime arrived in America, there was no restriction, and the Anarchy Sisters were released.

Instead of just leaving out the English swear words like the Japanese dub, the localization gave the words f-bombs and punchlines. This didn’t make it the usual vow sound, but it did improve Panty and belts with Garterbelt The mockery of an adult by releasing him to an American -style parenting movie was intended.

2 ADV Studios kicked the golden boy out of the mock car

When it comes to the adult comedians in the anime, nothing comes close Sugar Boy in the form of fame and nostalgia. OVA revealed Kintaro, an orphan boy who puts himself in wacky situations in hopes of getting a date with the revealed leader. The Japanese dub is just a wild car, but nothing compares to its English.

Thanks to ADV Studios’ over-the-top dub and even more so to Kintaro’s English vocalist Doug Smith, Sugar Boy victory over the American audience could not stop laughing at Kintaro’s loud laughter. Sugar Boy he became one of the most beloved OVAs to be released in the West, and he became an integral part of the parental humor.

1 ADV Studios improved the ghost stories and saved her from the darkness

Today, Ghost Stories The dub is widely remembered for its inability to put an end to the meme and its old -fashioned demeanor but it’s much more than that. In addition to turning an unseen supernatural show into an unforgettable parody that continues to this day, ADV Studios has hosted. Spiritual stories from the end.

While relating to a popular manga, Ghost Stories The anime was firmly entrenched in Japan and its creators offered it for a price to sell to Western studios to save money. If not for the first time in the life of ADV to produce an approved short series, Spiritual stories died quietly in Japan before disappearing in time.

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