10 anime characters that work well in Jujutsu Kaisen

O Jujutsu Kaisen A dark -minded anime with a magical battle system that takes some cues from common titles such as bleach. It’s up to jujutsu magicians to capture their negative emotions and create destructive techniques to destroy the massive evils that threaten humanity on a daily basis. No one can be a successful magician.

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Protagonist Yuji Itadori, with his cheerful and good -natured mannerisms, is different from this rule, as the likes of Nobara Kugisaki and Megumi Fushiguro show how young rage can come in their strength. fight and combat evils. If bad thoughts are the key, then, of course, some heart attackers from other anime will do just as well as magicians.

10 Jonathan Joestar’s Lost Everything (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

The protagonist of the Koko Phantom The arc legend, Jonathan Joestar, had a lot of bad ideas to develop his jujutsu magic if he was exhausted. O Jujutsu Kaisen the world. He was a noble and kind hero, of course, but he also had some serious personal burdens and burdens as well.

Jonathan left his father and family at home to Dio Brando’s anger, leaving no one wanting to retaliate. He fought to protect his beloved Erina and punished his father with hammock, but given the time, Jonathan was better off dealing with evil sorcerers.

9 Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach) is in pain

bleach He was one of the first motivators for O Jujutsu Kaisen, Therefore, Yuji has a lot in common with protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki. Ichigo, like Yuji, saw the loss of a loved one, his beloved mother, Masaki Kurosaki. Ichigo was happy and angry since Masaki had passed away.

Ichigo is an unsuspecting hero, but he has a serious dark side, and if he doesn’t have Zangetsu, he can try magical jujutsu instead. Knowing how to kill Hollows, Ichigo is good at fighting all kinds of evil. He will threaten Geto, Hanami, and Jogo.

8 Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto) has a dark side

Yuji Itadori has some pieces with the shonen hero Naruto Uzumaki as well, and of course, Naruto will make a good jujutsu magician if he is reborn in the O Jujutsu Kaisen the whole world. Naruto grew into a very angry pariah and was expelled as Kurama’s army, which stirred bitterness and anger in him. But he would not let her go.

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It’s easy to picture Naruto sorting out his negative thoughts and using them effectively with magical jujutsu, and he’s probably the creator of the first magical Rasengan in the process. Naruto was good at keeping his dark side. After all, he can be as simple as Gaara.

7 Tanjiro Kamado can shed his grief (Demon Slayer)

Swordsman Tanjiro Kamado is a bit like Yuji and Ichigo. According to them, Tanjiro had lost his family, and he had been grieving ever since he had battled with supernatural beings. And he has a sword, just like Ichigo.

Tanjiro will do well bleachbut he will have a great victory over O Jujutsu Kaisen, Especially if he used destructive weapons like Maki Zenin himself. He can take himself to katana and enchant him with powerful spells to save all people from great and small evils.

6 Killua Zoldyck has something to prove (Hunter X Hunter)

Gon’s best friend Killua Zoldyck is no ordinary boy. He grew up in a strong family of assassins, including his other brother Illumi and his stepmother, who abused Killua to encourage him. He ran into this cruel family to re -create himself out of the world.

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Killua was cheerful or laughable at times, but he was also a strong dark side and showed war. If he hadn’t taught Nen, he could have learned the art of magic jujutsu and used his negative feelings about his family to develop his technique. Yea, he and his murderers shall be put to death.

State educator Edward Elric learned a difficult lesson when he and his younger brother Alphonse tried to bring their mother Trisha back from the dead. Now Edward is a humble and humble alchemist in a fierce battle with alchemy to protect the innocent and make sure they don’t get hurt.

Edward has a lot of luggage, including Ichigo, Killua, and Tanjiro. He had serious problems with his undead father, Hohenheim, and was blamed for the transformation. However, he was smart and energetic, not to mention a good fighter. He was a jujustsu waiter just waiting to come.

4 Izuku Midoriya can be special (My Hero Academia)

In the world of Izuku Midoriya, there is a stigma about being born without Quirk, which can be stressful for a person for many reasons. In the end, Izuku and the One were rewarded for everything, but if it wasn’t done, his bitterness would grow and he would be suitable for magical jujutsu.

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Izuku is able to use the power of insults and compare his negative feelings about Quirkless to something better. And of course, he has the courage and determination to become a pro hero magician.

3 Naofumi Iwatani needs bad strength (rising defensive hero)

Naofumi Iwatani’s heroic career has not been easy. He can only use magic shields like the chosen Hero Shield, and even better, the Church of the Three Heroes, the king, and Princess Malty will rebel against him. He is now called the “Shield diabolo” and is hated because of the sins he did not commit.

Naofumi doesn’t have evil powers with her shields, so if she doesn’t have Raphtania and Philo, she can accept jujutsu magic and release her negative thoughts into war spells. This will definitely prevent him from using the expensive Wrath Shield.

2 Shinra Kusakabe can use fire magic (Fire Force)

Many Shonen warriors, including the fire warrior Shinra Kusakabe, suffered personal loss or emotional turmoil. His life changed forever when his mother went to Infernal, and his younger brother Sho died. The fire consumed the family home.

Shinra was left with very little, but he did not humiliate her. He returns to himself and decides to fight hard to protect the others, and that is how he becomes a jujutsu magician in the O Jujutsu Kaisen the world. He had the courage, courage, and hunting skills necessary to succeed.

1 Erza Scarlet can use magic and swords to fight (Fairy Tail)

O Jujutsu Kaisen‘s destructive energy battle system feels loosely like the magic contained within Huelo Fairy the whole world, so if Erza Scarlet is reborn in the JJK earth, it can capture destructive energy intuitively. And he will soon prove his magical powers.

Erza gets bad feelings from her horrible experiences as a child prodigy, and she also learns the truth about her abusive mother, Irene Belserion. However, he was a noble and fearless man who was able to melt these negative thoughts of his into such a powerful destructive energy that he could seduce his swords. Mahito doesn’t take long to fight Erza.

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