10 Amazing Anime Girls That Are Forgotten by Everyone

In 1990, Sailor win over fans in countries around the world, kids who have never seen an anime before. Since then, many of the Magical Girl anime genres have developed religious styles in the East and the West. Cardcaptor Sakura, Tokyo Mew Mew, Beautiful Treea Little Witch Academia.

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However, many Magical Girl monsters don’t get the boost they need. In some cases, it was because they were not given a release like the other evidence. Likewise, most of the shows before the anime boom of the 1990s were probably not very popular outside of Japan – except with hardcore anime fans. Some reports are ambiguous in that they are only brief.

10 Princess Tutu: The Evil Duckling Meets Swan Lake in this dark story

Princess Tutu a broken story. The flesh loved the beautiful chief who had lost his heart. She was transformed into a human being with the power of becoming a witch – the beautiful Princess Tutu – who would restore the parts of her heart. According to legend, nothing was seen. The beautiful chief may not have her true love and the black witch may be the real heroine of the story. But the narrator’s plans are different for each person and death cannot stop him.

9 Tonde Burin: The magical female lizard can have a sense of humor

Tonde Burinto be seen Pig Nuiit’s a parody Sailor with a small amount of Superman it is thrown away for a good measure. Regular anime viewers are seen to imagine the heroines in tutus and tiaras in a Magical Girl series, often with a ribbon attached or two wings during a power-up. In this group, however, the main character transforms into a superhero pig with the help of alien pigs.

The big pig hopes to get the magic pearls with her good deeds that will allow her to transform into the usual Magical girl. However, Karin continues the stories in front of the superheroes. For example, her lover is looking for his alter-ego, even though he is an anthropomorphic pig.

Majokko Meg-chan back in the days of Sally the Witch. However, instead of a human girl who sees a magical world, the heroine is a magician sent to Earth – to try her best to become the ruler of the magical world. But thatʻs not all.

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Majokko Meg-chan Seen with the announcement of some tropes about the last Magical Girl series. For example, Meg’s foster mother – a former witch – used her power to make her husband and children think Meg was a permanent part of the family. Similar stories will be seen Minky Momo and me SailorO Chibiusa. She is thought to be one of the first Magical Girl anime to portray a potential villain.

7 Akazukin Chacha: The lizard retrains the little red hill as a little witch

In Akazukin Chacha, The heroine is a little girl named Chacha, who is a student of magic and lives in a imaginary world full of magical things in the story. His two friends, Riiya, belong to the werewolves family and could become wolf cubs, and Shiine, a student of magic.

While the first manga is a kind of “majokko,” or “magic teacher,” the anime adaptation gives Chacha the ability to transform into a superheroine named “Magical Princess” with the help of her friends. This change was motivated by the popularity of Sailor.

6 Mahou No Mako-Chan: The Little Mermaid can be a magical girl

Mahou no Mako-chanto be seen Maco is the Mermaida former Toei Magical anime that retells The Mermaid. Mako was a princess who rescued a young man named Akira and portrayed her as a human girl, Mako Urashima, named for the glory of a Japanese legend. But his human alter-ego has some magical powers.

Other magicians were the Witch of the Sea (Mako’s grandmother) and Ryuu-oh the Sea King (Mako’s father). However, the lizard has left its mark on the anime in large part. Great Sailor People thought that Makoto Kino got his famous pony tail and his nickname, “Mako-chan,” in honor of this former Toei heroine. Makoto wears clothes like the first Mako.

5 Majokko Tickle: No Go Nagai is this magical girl story

Go to Nagai Cutie Honey she was once thought to be one of the first Magical Girl series, but the creator has developed a classic “majokko” heroine. Majokko Tickle. Tickle is a fairy released from a novel. He befriends a human girl, Tiko, who frees him and uses his powers to imitate his twin sister.

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While living in the human world, Tickle was still in his own affairs with the help of his magic. It has been revealed that the idea of ​​having a duo of two girls leading the moʻo has been fueled by the famous band, Pink Lady.

4 Action for Lunlun: This magical girl was one of the first to arrive in the United States

In Work for Ko Lunlunto be seen Angel, Lunlun is a young girl in search of the Flower of the seven colors, to help the prince of the “Flower Star.” Assisted by a talking dog and a cat, and by the mysterious photographer Serge, he traveled the world from Europe to North Africa.

Work for Ko Lunlun It’s something new for anime fans: her English dub is part of the anime Magical Girl, and she was one of the first to arrive in the United States. His Englishman briefly tweeted an online meme about an event surrounding the bees.

3 Ultra Maniac: Anime is a return to Anime Majokko

Maniac Ultra He sees two girls and best friends: a nonsense human girl named Ayu, and a witch from the magical world who is learning to strengthen her magic, Nina Sakura. Manga and anime take the concept in different directions.

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As a return to the traditional “majokko” anime, the anime engages Nina in a contest to decide whether to marry a young magician to marry the king of the magical world – while giving her a chance to compete. called Maya. Which is supposed to be, because it’s interesting to turn the manga into anime before it’s published.

2 Prétear: This magical girl is filled with seven magical boys

In Prétear, Himeno’s mother had passed away, and his father had remarried a cold woman with two daughters of his own. Himeno’s life became a story as he met seven young people who had power over many things: wind, sound, fire, light, water, snow, and plants. . At this point, Himeno is made up of fighting the evil princess and her minions, and summoning a powerful iceberg.

Fortunately, Himeno is able to team up with his new knights to become a magical heroine named “Prétear.” Manga and anime are different in some areas, as the main culprit knows. One reason the moʻo was not known was that the anime only ran for thirteen experiments.

1 Vampire Princess Miyu: This magical girl is for terrorists

While some anime characters are separating Vampire Princess Miyu as a straightforward horror group, one argues the heroine is a prototypical Magical Girl Warrior, fighting monsters in the first place. Sailor. In fact, the twist here is that Miyu is as much of a monster as the creatures she fights.

As seen in manga, anime, and an OVA, Miyu and her teacher are not the same. Maybe he wanted to connect with people or just take care of the sun in his work. She’s the daughter of a man and a monster – although in different ways than a parent. One of his most famous powers was to put out fires, although he could put people in dreamy states by drinking their blood.

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