10 ’90s Anime is better than they deserve

The anime medium has seen a resurgence of popularity in the West in recent years. After hits from the latest generation of shonen warfare, young people love anime as much as ever. But for the ancients, the ’90s was where real anime started to flourish and fandom developed outside of Japan.

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For these fans, anime has been a regular entertainment theme for three years. While animation continues to grow, with new technology and independent story tropes, no one has beaten the classic anime of the night from the ’90s.

10 One piece survived the crisis and survived for two years

Most people probably don’t know that One piece which first started in the ’90s because unlike most franchises, One piece which continues to grow to this day. One piece he published interesting and touching stories of the relationship for two years and lived much longer than he did.

The length of the anime is typical One piece, with more than 1,000 sections and additional chapters. It’s hard to imagine how One piece has been successful for a long time, but no one can deny that Luffy has entertained anime fans for years.

9 Slam Dunk has become a model for Anime Sports

The new anime fans loved the same shows Haikyuu a Kuroko no Basketbut ancient scholars know that this anime owes much to the same revelations Slam dunk. Slam dunk has changed the world of sports anime forever, with its popularity redefining the sport for many Japanese people.

It is said that after the ascent of Slam dunk, Japan has seen an increase in interest in basketball unlike any other place in history. It’s a fun anime that can compete today with the best of them.

8 Berserk is the best change right now

of the Be happy Manga is one of the most important stories told in anime/manga history. Critics believe it is one of the most serious manga available. Be happy there have been some changes over the years, but few of them have fulfilled the purpose.

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Some people think that Berserk is irreplaceable, with a very specific visual style for traditional anime. But skeptics consider the 1997 adaptation of Be happy to be the best. It may not be good, but it’s still good.

7 Pokémon is the most recognized Franchise in the world

Pokona It’s so popular that many people don’t know it can be considered an anime. For many people in the West, Pokona a photographic image like the others. But real fans know that Pokona It has its roots in Japan and is one of the many monster capture anime alive.

But no monster capture anime is as famous and serious as it is Pokona. Pokona He grew into one of the most well -known franchises and gained wealth in the world, largely due to the success of ’90s anime.

6 Yu Yu Hakusho explained the nature of the Shonen War

The most popular anime genre is shonen war. It’s an archetype story that continues to be created by dozens of people every year, with new and exciting twists in the way they try to place their name among the greats.

But if any anime can be considered the leader of the genre, it is Yu Yu Hakusho. This series explains how many tropes fans love and admire the shonen war and it was very important in the spread of the anime in the West.

5 Hunter X Hunter has confirmed that Togashi is no wonder

Yu Yu Hakusho It’s one of the greatest manga of all time, but it’s hard to imagine how a good writer could do not just one, but two teams as admirable and as dedicated as he is. . Yu Yu HakushoTogashi was the one who did the action when he followed his most famous story with the manga Famous X Hunter.

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Even the 2011’s Famous X Hunter The adaptation of the anime has brought a whole new fandom, many older viewers remember the first adaptation from the 90s. That story revealed that Togashi is simply the best shonen writer of all time.

4 Digimon is more than a Pokémon Clone

A lot of anime people think so Digimona a poor knockoff of Pokona. But those who know Digimona She could breathe her own life and tell important stories Pokona. Digimona has explored the world as observers and has found the forms and things that are thought to be more real than all other. Pokona.

Digimona It’s a shameless clone that was created to sell toys for kids and instead, it has become an independent and amazing product that continues to grow to this day.

3 Detective Conan brings new mysteries to each Episode

The Murder Mystery genre is one of the hardest to write about. These stories need to be simple in structure and style similar to other stories. Mysterious writers do well in a film or a story.

Kiki Conan it can be fun to write about some of the most difficult mysteries in an episode-to-episode manner. This series always offers mysteries that will captivate its audience and drag them on a roller coaster of doubt for 1,000 times.

2 Akira showed the world the power of action

Anime has a special place in the hearts of young people around the world, however Akira He has achieved a breakthrough in a much larger demographic and admires the most skeptical of filmmakers.

Some of the winning artists were honored and witnessed Akira as a filmmaker. He allowed the anime medium to be accessible to the general public in the same way that other anime were approached. The acceptance of Anime in the West is the key to making a Akira.

1 Dragon Ball Z has inspired a generation of anime fans

When asked the most famous anime artists how they work, the usual answer is Dragon Ball Z. The Nihika Z It was the height of the military coups for many years and established the interest of fans at the time.

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The Nihika Z It is said to have a strong influence between different actors and observers alike. It’s a show that unlike any other that has been able to create a much larger anime fanbase to this day.

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