ʻAharen-San demonstrates the power of the Quudere Archetype

ʻAharen Reina is a classic comedy anime whose character is enhanced with dandere and megadere elements.

WARNING: Below are the only captions for episode 1 of Aharen-san is Indecipherable, “Isn’t This Too Close?”, Streaming on Crunchyroll.

The Spring 2022 anime season has arrived, and it’s been featured before some of the best anime series, with a new one. Aharen-san is inexplicablelike the sister to the lizard that continues Komi could not speak. The two anime shows a heroine having trouble communicating with other people, however, ʻAharen and Komi are different.

These slice-of-life heroines are shy girls who can’t easily make friends or affections with the people around them, but they are different on a basic level, helping to the setting. ʻAharen-san apart. Although Komi Shoko is a traditional dandere anime character, ʻAharen Reina is a twist on the kuudere archetype, and she is stronger than ever.

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In just one episode, Aharen-san is inexplicable establishing his name heroine is not a classic anime character like Nifuji Hirotaka or Sohma Yuki, but one who has worked hard with characters from other -dere genres, as well. In the anime, the archetypes -dere often describe how the character expresses their love, with hot -headed tsunderes at the top and shield before opening, kuuderes face and the kind head before opening their affection and so on.

The pollsters simply choose not to associate with the people at large; stay calm and unexpressive as desired. This separates them from dandere words like Shoko, who are shy and thoughtless to the point of leaving themselves out of humility or insecurity. It can be said that danderes are less in their nature than kuuderes, but ʻAharen Reina draws the line between these archetypes and adds more.

In the series premiere, Aharen complains not only because of his pleasantness or the laughter of his mouth movements, but also because he has the seriousness of a character mixed with insecurity. of a dandere, making him a completely new character in the new anime. He was quiet and aloof in the choice, as a true conservative, and trusted in himself when he expressed love for his new friend, his high school classmate Raido. At the same time, ʻAharen doesn’t understand how hard it is to communicate with others until she is heard, and she has fond memories of her classmates rejecting her friends at school. middle.

ʻAharen was “once bitten, twice embarrassed,” but she wasn’t sure about her ability to express herself, not her suitability as a friend. Self -doubt and low self -esteem are major symptoms of dandere, but Aharen lacks that. He knew he could be a good friend to others, but silence stood in his way. For a while, he chose to give up trying to overcome that problem, but now he was struggling to be heard, and Raido wanted to be heard.

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He is not isolated in the history of Aharen’s various associations of kuudere and dandere Aharen-san is inexplicable however, fans can make simple predictions about the future of his arc style, his relationship with Raido and the overall tone of the story. People can compare his hybrid -dere antics to similar ones from Nifuji Hirotaka Wtakoi and of course Komi Shoko Komi could not speakto make predictions as to what to say or do.

In Episode 1, for example, ʻAharen chooses to just sit in Raido’s group and expresses his total love for her, kudere-style, suggesting that he might be jealous in the future when he tries. one to be friends with Raido. ʻAharen isn’t a small person or a believer, but it’s clear that this new friend is important and symbolic of her, and she may be able to resent and drive away others who want to share Raido with them. If so, this would probably be done in a humorous way rather than in a serious way, given the rom-com sound.

The relationship between Aharen and Raido may be more love than expected, Aharen’s small megadre is more of a character, and he may be able to get over his head. . In that case, his dandere side can take over, and he can squirm and get back into his shell, and Raido can be stunned. Aaron is not afraid to show his love to Raido, but when he gets to the point, he may lose his nerve and rethink his relationship with him. He has to decide if he has the courage to work hard with Raido and let go of his kudere to overcome his challenges.

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